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Hey folks, long time no see! So the holiday is winding down and people seem to be getting less swamped with stuff, I was wondering if we wanted to get some more D&Ding in!

As David can tell you, tabletop rpgs are one of my passions so I’m always up to run something – but we’re all people with obligations and differing schedules and whatnot so I want to keep this casual, maybe once a month at most. And we’ll be doing a “whoever can show up” sorta game, where you all level up together but those not present will miss out on stuff like Sweet Lewtz, connections/allies in the supporting cast, bonus XP, all that biz.

But when do we meet?

How does next Friday evening work? 1/16/15, 7pm-11pm?

Feel free to edit this wiki entry to add:
- If that works for you
- If not, why not
- What would work better for you (or what would work best for you in the long view, what your preferred days and times are)

Also send me an email if you can’t edit this for some reason!


Fridays work for me, but I now live in Houston. Could I join through Skype or something similar?

DM: Yeah I think we could handle one Skyper/G-Chatting player.


That time works for me for next week, but school is starting the week after. I’m not sure what my schedule will be like.

DM: No worries, I figure this is going to be a decide on the fly, one session at a time sorta thing.

Scheduling Page!

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